Rusty's Rolling Kitchen

In the fall of 2016, Rusty Pig owners decided to upgrade their food service facilities. They invested in a state-of-the-art 33' mobile walk-up restaurant and kitchen. This mobile kitchen has everything in cooking preparation that our brick and mortar restaurants have. With a high tech kitchen sporting cold storage, char-grill cooktops, food-prep surfaces, and smokers, there is not much that this mobile kitchen cannot do in comparison to our other restaurants. 

"This is the best of the best," stated Eric Couch, the Rusty Pig General Manager. "It is our best product served by our best people. We are thrilled to offer all of Rusty's Favorites to a large gathering of Rusty Pig fans." 

We offer catering service from Rusty's rolling kitchen, attend large festivals and we even provide surrounding towns with a chance to order the best barbeque in the region through our mobile placement. "Having the mobile restaurant has allowed us to do several things," stated Neal Anderson, Co-founder and Owner, "we can cater out of it, develop a new Rusty Pig location, build a new fan base, and attend large festivals, all without diminishing the quality of food and service expected by our Rusty Pig customers. The biggest contribution towards the success of Rusty's food truck is our most qualified staff runs it. They know the product and they love to serve our customers. 

Please contact Rusty Pig at 912-654-4744 to find the current location of Rusty's state-of-the-art food truck to find the area's best barbeque in the region.